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Simplifying the Three Phases of Retirement Income Planning

Accumulation, Distribution, and Legacy

Retirement may be the biggest financial risk you ever take. Our purpose is to use our creativity to help simplify the financial concepts so you can design a well thought-out financial plan.

Here is the content that we have created to help you.

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Don received his Bachelor of Arts in Urban Affairs and Planning from Virginia Tech in 1996. Don is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER(TM) Professional with over 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry. He strives to provide high level customer service in areas of financial education, asset allocation, and retirement planning. This is accomplished using a four-step process of Cash Flow Analysis, Social Security Analysis, Investment Analysis and Management, and Asset Preservation and Protection Strategies where applicable.

Don believes to navigate the accumulation, distribution, and legacy stages of financial planning, all individuals deserve a personalized, holistic plan for building a comfortable and dignified retirement.

We are accepting new clients within the United States when the chemistry is right. If you are curious about starting an advisor/client relationship, here’s additional information about what we do, our process, and our fee structure.

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