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Initial Inquiry

The initial inquiry is a feeling out process to see if we have good chemistry and could be a potential good fit. I’ll provide a brief description of my services, philosophies, methodology and fee structure.

If my style and services appear to fit your needs, I will direct you to my calendar to schedule our discovery meeting, which can be held in-person, web conference, or by phone. At the same time, I will also provide you with the necessary documents needed to begin the financial planning process.

Step 1


We will meet with you in person or via teleconference. This step in the process is an opportunity to gain an understanding of where you are at personally and financially. Proper financial planning is both an art and a science. Through our discussion, we will gather information about your wants, needs, and wishes (the qualitative). Additionally, we will gather the hard facts such as income, expenses, cash flow, assets and liabilities, insurances, and taxes (the quantitative).

After our meeting, we will marry the qualitative with the quantitative and analyze the information to assess your personal and financial position. We will reach out by phone or email to obtain any incomplete information.

We ask that you gather the requested information and complete any necessary questionnaires before our next meeting.

Step 2

Initial Preparation

After receiving your information, we will review and develop your initial financial plan, this includes preparing any reports that will be needed during our next meeting.

Step 3

Goal Setting

Depending on your personal and financial position, this meeting may or may not be necessary. If it is, it can be in person or via teleconference. Based on my assessment of your information, I will help you identify and prioritize goals. Perhaps More importantly, we will assist you in identifying the impact a particular goal may have on other goals you were trying to accomplish.

This discussion will provide you an opportunity to clarify your financial goals, objectives, and bring up any additional questions and concerns.

Step 4

Analyze Your Current Course and Potential Alternatives

We will analyze the information you have provided and will consider various options and opportunities available for each planning objective. After concluding my research and analysis, We will produce the final reports, which include observations, assumptions, specific recommendations and an action plan tailored specifically for you.

Step 5

Presentation of Your Financial Plan

Together, we will review your personal financial plan and the specific recommendations we will make. The final financial plan will be created based on the goals you had in mind.

Step 6

Plan Implementation

We will discuss which parts of the plan you wish to implement and who will be responsible for the implementation. In this way, we will clear any “mutual mystification” that tends to occur.

For any part(s) of the implementation we are responsible for, we will identify and analyze actions, products, and services designed to finalize the recommendations.

Next, we will discuss with you the basis for selecting an action, product, or service, the timing and priority of implementing the action, product, or service, and disclose and manage any Material Conflicts of Interest concerning the action, product, or service.

Step 7

Monitor your progress

The financial planning process is not a one-time event. Periodic monitoring and reviews are essential to maintaining good financial health. We will schedule follow up meetings with you at whatever frequent intervals you like.

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